7th regional EECCEG workshop

The Eastern Europe-Caucasus Caritas Emergency Group, also known as EECCEG, organised its seventh regional workshop in Rostov, Russia on 29-31 May 2017.

The EECCEG has been working together since 2011, constantly seeking to improve its members’ capacity, knowledge and abilities to help people during emergencies. Representatives of Caritas South Russia, Caritas Ukraine, Armenian Caritas, Caritas Azerbaijan and Caritas Georgia participated in the meeting.

This year the EECCEG meeting included a training on livelihoods. Introducing livelihood components in emergency response activities increase the ability of Caritas organisations to respond to the needs of people affected by emergencies in the long term. This helps to stabilise the economic situation of the victims, allowing them to recover their dignity. This training was held by representatives of Caritas Ukraine, who have good theoretical and practical knowledge about implementing livelihood projects.

This seventh EECCEG meeting also included an important field visit to the projects of Caritas South Russia, which works with refugees from Ukraine and children with disabilities.

In addition, participants shared experiences, updated each other, talked about the current situation of their disaster risk reduction projects, presented elements of their response plans and discussed the progress on the EECCEG work-plan.

This two-and-a-half days’ workshop increased the participants’ knowledge about how livelihood projects work, with concrete examples from Caritas Ukraine, and what are their basic principles, goals and needs. The workshop also helped to plan for future study visits to EECCEG member organisations and the participation in different trainings held in Caritas organisations. During the workshop, the idea to take steps to cooperate with another Caritas Emergency Group also came up, which was supported by all members.

The next EECCEG meeting is planned for the autumn 2018.

The EECCEG members would like to express their gratitude to Caritas Rostov for hosting this meeting and for providing good conditions for fruitful work. (By Inga Chkheidze, Volunteering Officer at Caritas Georgia)